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Spiro T. Agnew, Spiro T. Agnew Speaks Out (12" LP, RCA PRM-316, 1970 U.S.; mono).

VG+ cover, NM disc; $5.00
Item # 10201

[Written & compiled by Leslie Baily] B.B.C. Scrapbook For 1940 (12" LP, Fontana 493 014, 1963 British; mono). See cover image for contents.

VG cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 6630

Cecil Broadhurst, The Looking-Glass That Hangs Upon The Wall / Barber Bill (10" 78 rpm single, Songs Of Moral Re-Armament RR-8704, 1943 U.S.).

VG; $10.00
Item # 6771

Cecil Broadhurst, The Very Song The World’s Been Waiting For / Junior The Steer (10" 78 rpm single, Songs Of Moral Re-Armament RR-8707, 1943 U.S.).

G; sticker on label; $5.00
Item # 6772

Tom Cherington, narrator, Canadian History Makers ’64 (12" LP, CKPM PM 1001, 1964 Canadian; mono). Includes interviews with politicians Lester Pearson, John Diefenbaker & Tommy Douglas.

VG+ cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 6623

David Cobb, narrator, The Speeches Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy: A Memorial Album (12" LP, Arc Sound K 1, 1964? Canadian; mono).

VG+ cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 6644

[film soundtrack] Orson Welles, Patrick Wymark, The Finest Hours (2-LP set, MGP 2-104, 1964 U.S. gatefold cover; mono).

VG cover, NM discs; $10.00
Item # 9155

His Majesty King George V, H.M. The King’s Speech at the Opening of the Five-Power Naval Conference on January 21st, 1930 (10" 78 rpm single, Victor 24008, 1930 Canadian custom label).

disc is cracked, but plays OK with care; of interest for label only; $5.00
Item # 6750

Raymond Hackett & Orch., You Can Defend America: Theme Song of the Victory Revue / Rea Zimmerman, soprano, Mackinac (12" 78 rpm single, Songs Of Moral Re-Armament MRA-104, 1940? U.S.).

G; $5.00
Item # 6773


The House Of Commons, Do The Fuddle Duddle / Funky Fuddle Duddle (7" 45 rpm single, GRT 1233-04, 1971 Canadian; mono). A political artifact of the Trudeau years!

VG; writing on label; $5.00
Item # 5144 [also listed under Canadian Artists]

Chet Huntley & David Brinkley, narrators, A Time To Keep: 1963 — Voices And Events Of The Year (12" LP, RCA Victor LOC-1088, 1964 U.S. gatefold cover; mono).

G+ cover, VG disc; writing on cover; $5.00
Item # 6646

John F. Kennedy, The Voice of President John F. Kennedy (7" 45 rpm single, Golden Record FF-766, 1963? U.S.). Highlights from nomination acceptance speech, inaugural address, and oath of office.

VG+ disc, with VG picture sleeve; A-side label detached, B-side label loose; $5.00
Item # 6715

Henry Macnicol, Jock McGindy / The Mither-In-Law (12" 78 rpm single, Songs Of Moral Re-Armament RR-8712, 1943 U.S.).

G; sticker on label; $5.00
Item # 6774

Morn’n Sun, Terry (A Tribute To Terry Fox) [2 sides] (7" 45 rpm single, Condor 1001, 1981 Canadian).

NM disc, VG custom lyric sleeve; $5.00
Item # 10072

Edward R. Murrow, narrator, I Can Hear It Now: Winston Churchill, Authorized Recordings Of His Actual Speeches (12" LP, Columbia Masterworks KOL 7000, 1960s? U.S. gatefold cover, “2-eye” gray label; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; includes bound-in booklet; $10.00
Item # 7939

Edward R. Murrow, narrator, I Can Hear It Now, Vol. 2 (12" LP, Columbia Masterworks ML 4261, early 1950s Canadian blue label; mono).

G+ cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 10365

Music For A Royal Wedding: HRH The Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips, Westminster Abbey, Nov. 14, 1973 (BBC Records 2966001, 1973 Canadian gatefold cover; stereo).

VG cover, NM disc; includes custom inner sheet; delete hole in cover, inventory control sticker on back cover; $3.00
Item # 9156

Pius XII, The Voice of His Holiness Pius XII: Papal Blessing [in Latin] / Prayer For Peace [in English] (10" 78 rpm single, RCA Victor Custom Record E4-KB-6530, mid-1950s? U.S.).

VG; $3.00
Item 6747

Adam Clayton Powell, Keep The Faith, Baby! (Jubilee JGM 2062, 1967 U.S. gatefold cover; mono). Political speeches.

G+ cover, NM disc; 3" split in top edge of cover; $5.00
Item # 10222

H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth, A Broadcast Message To Children (10" 78 rpm single-sided single, RCA Victor 120943-S, 1940 Canadian custom label).

VG+; $20.00
Item # 6748

Sir Winston Churchill Society, Annual Banquet, Edmonton, Alberta, 11 April 1966, featuring guest speaker The Earl Mountbatten of Burma (3-LP boxed set, [private recording] QC 347, 1966 Canadian; mono).

VG box, NM discs; $10.00
Item # 9216

Billy Sunday Chorus (mixed chorus of 2,500 voices); Homer Rodeheaver, dir., America (My Country ’Tis Of Thee) / Sail On (10" 78 rpm single, Victor 18322, 1917 U.S.).

VG+; label has x's scratched on both sides; $3.00
Item # 6775

David Teig, narrator, John F. Kennedy: The Presidential Years 1960–1963 (12" LP, 20th Century-Fox TFM 3127, 1964? U.S.; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item 6645

Tony Thomas, narrator, The Sound Of History 1914–1945 (12" LP, Medallion ML 307, ca. 1981 U.S.; mono).

still sealed; $5.00
Item # 10370

Various Artists, 85 Years of Canadian Recorded Sound (7" 33 1/3 rpm single, National Library of Canada, 1973 Canadian flexidisc, insert included in book Roll Back The Years; mono). Includes talk by Baron Stanley of Preston, Governor-General of Canada, Toronto, 1888, one of the earliest extant recordings.

VG+; $5.00
Item # 6716

Various Artists, Robert Francis Kennedy: A Memorial (2-LP set, Columbia Masterworks D2S 792, 1968 U.S.; stereo).

VG cover, NM discs; delete notch in spine, sticker on back cover; includes contents card; $20.00
Item # 7121

World Landmark: Great Events In World History, [John Gunther] Julius Caesar / [Anita Daniel] Albert Schweitzer (12" LP, Enrichment EWR 302, 1964 U.S.; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; includes post-listening activities pamphlet; $5.00
Item # 10372

World Landmark: Great Events In World History, [Thomas B. Costain] William The Conqueror / [James Daugherty] The Magna Charta (12" LP, Enrichment EWR 305, 1966 U.S.; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 10373

World Landmark: Great Events In World History, [Emily Hahn] Leonardo da Vinci / [Nancy Wilson Ross] Joan Of Arc (12" LP, Enrichment EWR 310, 1970 U.S.; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 10374

You Are There: The Signing Of The Magna Carta; The Battle Of Gettysburg (12" LP, Columbia Masterworks ML 4149, 1949 Canadian; mono).

VG cover, VG disc; ex-school library stamps on cover; $5.00
Item # 6640

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