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Authentic Train Sounds: Freight Train / Passenger Train [steam] (10" 78 rpm single, Colber Records H-1911, late 1940s? U.S.).

VG; $10.00
Item # 6757

Banda Marcial de Guatemala y Coro del Instituto Belem, Himno Nacional de Guatemala / Himno de Centroamérica / La Granadera (7" 45 rpm extended play, Dideca EP-14, 1970s? Guatemalan; mono). Children’s chorus sings the Guatemalan National Anthem. A must-have!

VG+; custom sleeve has lyrics of anthem; writing on cover; $3.00
Item # 6736


Canary Bird Solo, with violin & piano, The Golden Bird [to O Sole Mio] / The Golden Bird [ to The Alp Maid’s Dream] (10" 78 rpm single, Brunswick 4489, 1929 Canadian). If you like singing birds, this one is for you!

G+; $2.00
Item # 9303

Computer Music, [Randall] Quartets In Pairs / Quartersines / Mudgett: Monologues By A Mass Murderer / [Vercoe] Synthesism / [Dodge] Changes (12" LP, Nonesuch H-71245, 1970 U.S.; stereo). Recordings from the mid- to late 1960s.

VG+ cover, NM disc; $20.00
Item # 10124

Halloween Horrors / The Sounds Of Halloween (12" LP, A&M SP 69839, 1977 Canadian; stereo).

VG+ cover, NM disc; $10.00
Item # 10366

Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canaries, Come Back To Sorrento / Moonlight Madonna (10" 78 rpm single, Hartz Mountain Products UB 50-446, 1950s? U.S.). Hysterically funny!

VG; $5.00
Item # 6765

Hartz Mountain, Parakeet Training Record (10" 78 rpm single, Hartz Mountain Products UB 52-470, 1950s? U.S.).

G; tear in label; $3.00
Item 6766

Florence Foster Jenkins, vocals; Cosme McMoon, piano, The Glory (???) Of The Human Voice (12" LP, RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2597, 1970s U.S. reissue of 1962 release; mono). Jenkins material on side 1; side 2 is a travesty of Gounod’s Faust by Jenny Williams & Thomas Burns.

VG cover, NM disc; $10.00
Item # 9510

New Harmony Sisterhood Band, “…And Ain’t I A Woman?” (12" LP, Paradon P-1038, 1977 U.S.; stereo).

VG+ cover, NM disc; $10.00
Item # 10364

Jimmy O’Dea, Richard Hayward & Harry Donavan, Hands Across The Border (10" 78 rpm single, Rex 15013, 1948? British). Two-sided skit about two old Irish ladies, one Republican, one Unionist, who, while fighting the old fight (verbally), get hit by a bus and argue their way into heaven.

G+; $5.00
Item # 6753

Opus 3, Test Record 1: Depth of Image (12" LP, Opus 3 79-00, 1979 Swedish; mono/stereo).

VG+ cover, NM disc; $10.00
Item # 9472

Pepper Creative Sales Service with Auto Cue, Commercial Music Backgrounds (12" LP, Pepper Sound Studios 5820-S7, mid-1960s U.S.; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; $15.00
Item # 10371


Red Army Chorus; A. Alexandrov, cond., Kalinka / If War Breaks Out Tomorrow (10" 78 rpm single, Stinson 3010, 1940s? U.S. pressing of Soviet recording).

VG; $5.00
Item # 6795

Reveen, Study Concentration (12" LP, QC 285, 1970s? Canadian; mono).

still sealed; $5.00
Item # 7942

Salon-Kapelle Herbert Glad, Was Blumen träumen / Ay-Ay-Ay (10" 78 rpm single, Tri-Ergon TE 5077, 1929 German). Recorded in Berlin; the scarce Tri-Ergon label had a patented recording and pressing process that was particularly advanced for its day; nice fidelity.

VG; stamp [“Ammre Gmbh”] on label [Ammre was the German copyright agency from 1929 to 1938]; $10.00
Item # 6742

The Singing Dogs, The Singing Dogs (12" LP, Mr. Pickwick SPC-5130, 1974 U.S.; electronically enhanced stereo).

VG cover, NM disc; 3" split in top edge of cover, delete hole in cover; $10.00
Item # 10362

Sound Effects, Volume 1 (12" LP, Audio Fidelity DFS 7006, 1960 Canadian; stereo).

VG cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 10368

Charles Stark, narrator, Command Stereo Check Out (12" LP, Command Records CSC 100, 1960 U.S. gatefold cover [Canadian release, has “Sparton” on cover]; stereo).

VG cover, NM disc; $5.00
Item # 10363

Morton Subotnick, The Wild Bull, a composition for electronic-music synthesizer (12" LP, Nonesuch H-71208, 1968 U.S.; stereo).

VG+ cover, NM disc; delete hole in cover; $20.00
Item # 10126

Swiss Band Organ & Swiss Bell Ringers, The Famous Swiss Band Organ (12" LP, Joy JOYS 154, 1964 British; stereo).

VG+ cover, VG+ disc; delete hole in cover; $3.00
Item # 9390 [also listed under International]

Vanguard Stereolab Test Record (12" LP, Vanguard VSD-100, 1960 U.S.; stereo).

VG cover, NM disc; $10.00
Item # 10203

Vienna State Opera Orch., National Anthems Of The World (12" LP, Everest 3239, 1970s U.S.; stereo).

cover still in shrinkwrap, NM disc; inventory sticker on back cover; $5.00
Item # 7959


Voronezh People’s Choir, Ya po Berezhku Pokhazhivala (Strolling On The Bank) / Yekhal Nash Vaniusha (Our Vaniusha Returns) (10" 78 rpm single, Stinson 3068, 1940s U.S. pressing of Soviet recording). Enthusiastic mixed choir (I guess you had to be, or else!); anyway, it’s nice to hear female vocals on a Soviet recording for a change, even if the pace is positively Stakhanovite.

VG; $5.00
Item # 6796

Charles Wuorinen, Time’s Encomium for synthesized & processed synthesized sound (12" LP, Nonesuch H-71225, 1969 U.S.; stereo).

VG+ cover, NM disc; $20.00
Item # 10125

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