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“Is this a dagger which I see before me?”

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[studio cast] incl. Flora Robson, Paul Scofield, Sybil Thorndike, [T.S. Eliot] The Family Reunion (3-LP boxed set, Caedmon TRS-308, 1965 U.S.; stereo).

G+ box, NM discs; box split at corners, retail store sticker on front cover; includes 12 pp. booklet with photos from the production; $15.00
Item # 8875

[original Broadway cast] incl. Richard Burton, Hume Cronyn, Alfred Drake, Hamlet (12" LP, Columbia Masterworks OL-8020, 1964 U.S.; mono).

still sealed; $10.00
Item # 5985 [also listed under Shows, etc.]

[studio cast] incl. Maurice Evans, Hamlet [excerpts] (3-12" 78 rpm album, Columbia Masterworks MM-651, 1947 U.S.).

VG album, VG discs; $20.00
Item # 5820

[studio cast] incl. John Gielgud, Dorothy McGuire, Hamlet (2-LP boxed set, RCA Victor Red Seal LM 6007, 1951 Canadian). Based on the Theatre Guild On The Air production broadcast on NBC, March 4, 1951.

VG+ box, NM discs; includes 70 pp. booklet of complete text of the play; $15.00
Item # 5825

[film soundtrack] Laurence Olivier; Philharmonia Orch., cond. by Muir Mathieson, Hamlet
(3-12" 78 rpm album, RCA Victor Red Seal DM 1223, 1948 Canadian).

VG album, VG+ discs; $20.00
Item # 5824 [also listed under Shows, etc.]

[studio cast] incl. Laurence Olivier; Philharmonia Orch. & Chorus, cond. by William Walton, Henry V (4-12" 78 rpm album, RCA Victor Red Seal DM 1128, 1945 U.S.).

VG album, VG discs; includes bound-in booklet; writing on album cover, binding loose; $50.00
Item # 5823

[studio cast] incl. Orson Welles, Fay Bainter & the Mercury Theatre; music by Bernard Herrmann, Macbeth (9-12" 78 rpm album, Mercury Text Records/Columbia Masterworks MC-33, 1941 U.S.). Includes book, The Mercury Shakespeare: Macbeth, edited for Reading and Arranged for Staging by Orson Welles and Roger Hill; illustrations by Orson Welles (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1941).

VG album, VG+ discs; VG book; $100.00
Item # 5822

[studio cast] incl. Maurice Evans, Scenes from King Richard II (5-12" 78 rpm album, Columbia Masterworks MM-303, 1940 U.S.).

VG+ album, VG+ discs; $25.00
Item # 5818

[studio cast] incl. Orson Welles & Members of the Mercury Theatre, Twelfth Night (10-12" 78 rpm album, Mercury Text Records/Columbia Masterworks C-7, 1938 U.S.).

VG album, VG+ discs; $50.00
Item # 5819


Poetry & Recitations

(by speaker)

Cyril Cusack, The Poetry Of Gerard Manley Hopkins (12" LP, Caedmon TC 1111, 1958 U.S.; mono).

G+ cover, VG+ disc; small tear in lower left front cover; $5.00
Item # 9870

Maurice Evans, Winnie-The-Pooh / Winnie-The Pooh Goes Visiting (12" LP, Pathways Of Sound POS 1032, 1956 U.S.; mono).

VG cover, VG disc; $10.00
Item # 7920

Robert Frost, Robert Frost Reads From His Own Works, Yales Series of Recorded Poets (12" LP, Decca DL 9127, 1965 U.S. reissue of 1950s release; mono).

still sealed; $10.00
Item # 10151

[studio cast] Richard Harris, Jonathan Livingston Seagull (12" LP, Dunhill DSD-50160, 1973 U.S.; stereo).

cover still in shrinkwrap [attached to open edge of cover with invisible tape], NM disc; inventory sticker on back cover; $5.00
Item # 7673

Charles Laughton, The Story-Teller: A Session With Charles Laughton (2-LP set, Capitol TBO-1650, 1964 U.S. gatefold cover; mono).

VG cover, VG+ discs; $20.00
Item # 6636

Viola Léger, La Sagouine (2-LP set, Deram XDEF-1090, 1974 Canadian gatefold cover; stereo). Audiobook of the famous Acadian novel by Antonine Maillet.

VG+ cover, NM discs; inventory sticker on back cover; $10.00
Item # 7642

Christopher Plummer, Stephen Leacock: Gertrude The Governess And Other Works (12" LP, Caedmon TC 1559, 1977 U.S.; stereo). Ex-library copy.

VG+ cover, NM disc; library stickers on back cover & side 2 label; $10.00
Item # 10367

Patience Strong; with Leslie Pearson, organ, The Quiet Hour (12" LP, Society SOC 956, 1963 British; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; $3.00
Item # 10061

Dylan Thomas, A Child’s Christmas In Wales And Five Poems, Vol. 1 (12" LP, Caedmon TC 1002, 1958 Canadian [7th printing]; mono).

VG cover, VG+ disc; $5.00
Item # 7740 [also listed under Christmas]

Various Artists [W.H. Auden, Elizabeth Bishop, E.E. Cummings, T.S. Eliot, Marianne Moore, Ogden Nash, Dylan Thomas, William Carlos Williams], Pleasure Dome: An Audible Anthology of Modern Poetry Read by Its Creators (4-12" 78 rpm boxed set, Columbia Masterworks MM-877, 1948 U.S.).

VG box, VG discs; tape on cover; $20.00
Item # 5821

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