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? Dubois [female pianist], “Nuptial Song & my remarks” (7" aluminum disc, Speak-O-Phone Personal Phonograph Records, late 1920s or early 1930s? U.S.; possibly recorded in Canada).

VG; includes original Speak-O-Phone sleeve & package of acoustic B.C.N. gramophone needles (2 remaining); $2.00
Item # 6733

A.B. Reston, miscellaneous organ music transcribed for piano (6-7" aluminum discs, Speak-O-Phone Personal Phonograph Records, February 1930 U.S.; possibly recorded in Canada).

VG; each disc is in an original Speak-O-Phone sleeve; $5.00
Item # 6734

[unidentified family members] Christmas Messages (10" 78 rpm single, private recording on Audiodisc Recording Blank, possibly in Toronto, early to mid-1950s). Immigrant family from a Scandinavian country sends a series of Christmas greetings to the old folks back home they’ll probably never see again, with English becoming more and more predominant as the years go by. You can hear the cultural ties breaking.

VG; $3.00
Item # 6767

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