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Songs of the Great War

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78 rpm Singles


Herbert Stuart & male chorus, Good Luck To The Boys Of The Allies / We’ll Never Let The Old Flag Fail (Columbia R2300, 1916 Canadian). A-side is a Canadian-composed patriotic song.

G+; $2.00
Item # 4896


The Avon Comedy Four, I’m Crazy Over Every Girl In France / Peerless Quartette, We’re Going Over (Columbia A-2399, 1917 Canadian).

G+; $2.00
Item # 4897


Harry McClaskey [as “Henry Burr”], Lorraine (My Beautiful Alsace Lorraine) / A Baby’s Prayer At Midnight (For Her Daddy Over There) (Columbia A2490, 1917 Canadian).

G; sticker on label; $3.00
Item # 2708 [Also listed under Canadian Artists]


The Victor Military Band, Over There / Where Do We Go From Here (His Master’s Voice-Victor 18370, 1917 Canadian).

G; $2.00
Item # 4901


Edna Brown, Hello Central, Give Me No Man’s Land / Elliott Shaw & Charles Hart, My Belgian Rose (His Master’s Voice 18499, 1918 Canadian).

G+, tear in A-side label; $3.00
Item 9526


Arthur Fields & The Peerless Quartet, Just Like Washington Crossed The Delaware (General Pershing Will Cross The Rhine) / The Peerless Quartette, What Are You Doing To Help The Boys (Columbia A2545, 1918 Canadian).

G+; $2.00
Item # 9440


Arthur Fields, Oh! Frenchy / Arthur Fields & The Peerless Quartette, We’re All Going Calling On The Kaiser (Columbia A2569, 1918 Canadian).

G; $2.00
Item # 4903


Prince’s Band, The Regiment’s Return / On Review (Columbia A2536, 1918 Canadian).

G+; $2.00
Item # 9441

Nora Bayes, How Ya Gonna Keep ’Em Down On The Farm? (After They’ve Seen Paree) / When Yankee Doodle Sails Upon The Good Ship Home, Sweet Home (Columbia A2687, 1919 Canadian).

G+; $2.00
Item # 4912


Elliott Shaw, Oh! It’s A Lovely War / Charles Hart, I Love The Lassies (His Master’s Voice 216265, 1921 Canadian).

G+; $2.00
Item # 9442

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